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We have been involved in a number of projects with Redrow. All of which have been throughly enjoyable to be apart of. 


Each project has been lead with a partner creative agency, and in particular one creative called Paul Brown. 


On each of the projects we have worked closely with Paul in taking an initial idea and developing it into something that would come across on film. 


The first item we created we for Redrow’s online platform. It contain a small child and her journey into adopting a new home. It was a lovely concept and a campaign that was revisited over a number of years. 


Following on from this concept we created a  piece featuring a screen dog. Not being influence by that long standing statement ‘don’t work with children or animals’ we created a pieced we were incredibly proud off. 


The projects have varied massively over the years, one of the most adventurous seen us co ordinating the build of a number of sets within a studio. These sets were replicas of facades of new Redrow homes and on screen formed a very attractive set of action. 


We chose this client as a case study as the breath and scrape of productions vary so much, and we feel it really demonstrates our versatility and ability to create small web items through to large studio pieces, items for web and items for broadcast.  

Below we have edited together a brief selection of some of material created. 

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