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Case Study : Looking For Lennon 

Looking For Lennon is a documentary produced for television with international release. We provided production services for the documentary working very closely with director Roger Appleton and producer Garry Popper. 

In addition to providing production services such as camera, lighting, some sound and grip, we acted as director of photography and camera operator. 


Prior to Looking For Lennon another documentary was produced which was called Get Back. This documentary is relevant as it was an identical crew, producer and director. We also provided the same facilities and services for this documentary. 


As well as providing production services we were involved with other items such as transport, logistics and props/locations. 

The bulk of the documentary was shot locally to Liverpool, however some of the production was in London and other parts of the Northwest. 

The content of this documentary focuses around John Lennon and the years before he became a famous Beatle. 

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