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Johnson Controls are a multi industry diversified technology company operating in more than 150 companies. 


We had the privilege of working with their fleet management team in producing a number of films around heath and safety and vehicle wellbeing. 


The project began with us exploring the intended use of the films, from here we were able to identify the style and content required for each item. 


After creating initial proposals per film we decided it would be best to have the films pressed by a JCI team member. 

This can at times be a concern working with a person who has never appeared on camera before. However in this instance it was a joy to work with the colleague and it really enchased the overall set of films with the audience. 


We worked closely with the presenter, giving them the basics of presenting to camera, plus we developed a style of creating the content in order to make the process as easy as possible for the colleague.


Overall the films were well received and are being rolled out across the Johnson Controls Fleet.

Below is a small edit giving you a sense of the films.  

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