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Case Study: Vertu Motors

Vertu Motors are a automotive company who we have worked with over a number of years. Most notable was a project we completed for the group whereby we were to produce a film per deanship within their group. 

At the time of the project Vertu Motors had dealerships trading under Bristol Street Motors, Macklin Motors, Farnell and Vertu. Amounting to around 120 dealerships, we were tasked with visiting each of these sites and producing a short film showcasing their dealership and facilities. 


The location of these sites were across the country, from Portsmouth to Glasgow. The initial task was to create a format of film the client was happy with. This was done in the shape of a pilot film which was created close to home in their Widnes Nissan Dealership. Once the format of the film was agreed we proceeded to planning and scheduling the filming. 


Each film was constructed with a few interviews from key members of the team at the site, along with interviews from customers and a technician. To support this content high value material was gathered from around the site. 


We were very much left to our own devices whilst shooting this project, as it would have been very difficult to have a Vertu representative on site with us for every shoot. As such we ensured the corporate guidelines were met for all on screen action, whilst also co ordaining the filming. 


This was a sizeable project which took a lot of planning, production and post. 


A animation was also created per film to introduce the piece. This animation was specific per site/film.     


After producing these films we continued to work with group creating many types of items for them, from training to commercial. We have put together a brief edit to give you a sense some of the projects we have created for Vertu Motors. Of course there are hundreds of hours worth of material, so we have selected what we can to give a overall sense. 

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